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OpenHoldem is open source project available under GPL v3 license. OpenHoldem continued the foundation of programmable Texas Holdem pokerbots established by WinHoldEm. The project started as 100% reverse compatibility release with WinHoldEm, and soon started to extend and enhance the platform beyond what is provided by WinHoldem.

OpenHoldem Project goals

Some of the initial OpenHoldem project goals include:

  • Scripting language currently executes 5-10x faster than WinHoldEm, due to the pre-generation of parse trees and comprehensive use of code short-circuiting
  • Statistical sampling of poker end-states is 2-5x faster than WinHoldEm due to the use of highly tuned open source poker libraries
  • User friendly scripting language editor, using the Scintilla editor component
  • No inclusion of automated collusion capabilities (a.k.a teaming)
  • Compatibility with WinFoldEm: Support of WHUSER.dll development, connection to PPRO, and others.

OpenHoldem Documentation

  • Why choose OpenHoldem?
  • OpenHoldem documentation
  • OpenScrape documentation
  • ManualMode documentation


The project would like to thank the following open source projects for their contributions to OpenHoldem:

  • Spirit parser library;
  • Graphics Math Template Library;
  • HScrollListBox; Nebula Technologies, Inc.;
  • Dynamic window resing class; Paul DiLascia; MSDN Magazine -- July 2001
  • PokerEval library;
  • Hashing algorithm from Bob Jenkins;
  • Visual Leak Detector;
  • Normalized random distribution Java class; Indiana;
  • Scintilla source code editing component;
  • Scintilla MFC C++ wrapper class; Horst Br├╝ckner;


  • Openholdem home page:
  • Download and project page:
  • Forums:
  • Openholdem documentation
  • Get your free OpenHoldem e-mail
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