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The WinHoldEm usergroup is the largest pokerbot usergroup at present. The WinHoldEm forums [1] are the primary means for communication among the members of this community. WinHoldEm forums were also the place where the pokerbot "labs" idea was implemented for the first time.

WinHoldEm Veterans

The "WinHoldEm Veterans" are the users with more than a thousand posts on the WinHoldem forums:

WinHoldEm "member of the year"

WinHoldEm member of the year is annual nomination and voting. Nomination is open, hence anyone can nominate any other member. The voting process is a standard poll and the winner is the forum member who got the most number of votes.

Other notable members

The following list contain other Winholdem (and OpenHoldem) users, which for one or another reason were included to this wiki:


  • WinHoldEm forums [2]
  • WinHoldEm forums polls, where WH forum member of the year is voted.
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