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WinHoldEm Logo
WinHoldEm Logo

WinHoldEm is a commercial pokerbot created by Ray Bornert. WinHoldEm was one of the first programmable pokerbot frameworks. Users can develop and compile standard C/C++ WHUSER.dll and by this method incorporate his or her own Artificial Intelligence (AI) logic to the bot.

WinHoldEm is the only publicly available pokerbot framework that openly admits support for collusion (which is a type of cheating) between bots playing on a single table, and Ray Bornert's opinion is that "collusion is undoubtedly practiced by other bots that are A) Out there and B) as yet unknown" amd also that "there is nothnig to prevent humans colluding too".

The theory behind WinHold'Em goes something like this, "Bots for Everyone" or "Bot Democracy" on the assumption that online poker already is, and always will be dominated by players making extensive use of computers (and in that respect: also using bots). Attempting to "level the playing field" with a bot anyone can purchase, customize, reprogram is one of the goals of WinHold'Em and some newer open source bots.

WinHoldEm Resellers

WinHoldEm maintain a network of resellers (see [1]) that provide add-on products for WinHoldEm users. Such are for example the products from LabOne, Bozobot, Singlemalt, Rocky and others.

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