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Why Choose OpenHoldem?, quoted from [1]

"First, the advantages of WinHoldEm are very clear:

  • The code base of WinHoldEm is very stable, as it has been in development for 3+ years, and in that time had a vigorous community (although this community has been devastated by the author's actions - see the first bullet below) that helped to identify bugs and demand that they get fixed.
  • There is more software to support the WinHoldEm universe than there is for OpenHoldem, although this is being addressed. Among others, a scraper profile tool, an offline simulation tool, etc. do not yet exist for OpenHoldem.

That being the case, there are still good reasons to use and support OpenHoldem instead:

  • Questionable long term viability of the WinHoldEm platform. WinHoldEm requires connectivity to a "license server" to function. If that server is unavailable or discontinued, the software is 100% non-functional. Recent behavior by the WinHoldEm author is what drove this team to create this alternative - we enjoy botting and were very afraid that WinHoldEm might cease to exist some day.
  • The WinHoldEm author's actions ejection of the community pokerlabs from WinHoldEm forums, the single-minded focus on his political agenda at the cost of software development, and finally the tacit support of piracy of the community's derivative works all support the viability question.
  • WinHoldEm forces software upgrades on you whether you want them or not. With OpenHoldem, you choose when you want to upgrade, if at all.
  • Peer review. Does WinHoldEm really do what it says it does, and does it do it correctly? Without peer review of the source code, we will never know. The OpenHoldem team has already discovered numerous un-fixed bugs in WinHoldEm in the course of OpenHoldem development.
  • Are you a tinkerer? Do you want a solid code base from which to develop your own particular botting platform? OpenHoldem provides this.
  • WinHoldEm is a closed platform, and the community has been unwilling to contribute to the success of that platform; this is a cultural issue encouraged to a large degree by it's author. The OpenHoldem development team strongly believes that a platform that encourages contributions from many, benefits all much more than a closed approach. It may be somewhat counter-intuitive, but the platform is not the competitive advantage in the pokerbotting war. The logic of the bot is what makes a bot profitable or not."

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