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Board Texture is a concept that applies to community card cards (such as Hold'em or Omaha) that is used to describe the community (board) cards and how they interact with a likely opponent. Typically boards are described in terms of being "wet", "dry" or degrees of wet or dry.


Board Textures

Dry Boards

A dry board typically contains no cards that interact with likely hole cards that players hold. This means no obvious high pairs or draws. A rainbow (all different suits) flop with out a straight draw and no Ace or King is considered to be very dry.

Wet Boards

A wet board typically contains cards that interact with likely hole cards that players hold to make a monster hand. This typically means 2, 3 or 4 cards to a straight or flush draw, or a even a paired board. Players should take care playing one-pair/two-pair hands on such boards.

Action Flop

An action flop describes a flop where a lot of betting action is likely. It will typically contain high cards (creating made pair hands) and have straight or flush draws too. An action flop might even be paired.

Application to Computer Poker

The concept of wetness and dryness is generally a heuristic applied by humans to think about how a board might interact with an opponent's hand range, evaluate their hand strength vs their opponent's hand strength and measure the potential of their hand vs the potential of an opponent's hand.

A pokerbot will generally have the mathematical horse-power to perform a complete exhaustive search of how a board interacts with an opponent's estimated hand range so most pokerbots can ignore this concept. Rules based pokerbots that cannot perform this calculation (e.g. the Shanky bot) will have rules that evaluate board texture.

An Exploiter pokerbot could try to take advantage of the psychology of different board textures vs known human opponents.


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