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Poker collusion (or teaming) is way of cheating when two or more people (or pokerbots) sitting at the same poker table are working in a team to win more money from other players. The only pokerbot framework that supports collusion is WinHoldEm. To not support collusion was one of the early project decisions made in the OpenHoldem open source pokerbot framework.

Methods to collude are:

  • soft play, that is, failing to bet or raise in a situation that would normally merit it because you don't want to cost your partner money;
  • whipsawing, where partners raise and reraise each other to trap players in between;
  • exchanging information between partners (e.g. hole cards)

and others.

Detection of collusion

With the number of players anonymously playing online, it is very difficult for the poker sites to catch collusion. Many poker sites claim to be able to catch players engaged in this activity; however the extent to which they are able to do it is unclear. Collusion (done by real players or pokerbots) reported by observant players is usually taken seriously by the casinos because it is considered to be an unfair advantage.

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