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Smallbot 1239, 1399 and 2298 are e-Nash equilibrium strategies produced using a newly published technique. The 1239 and 1399 versions are weaker than PsOpti4, and 2298 was the University of Alberta CPRG’s strongest program until the arrival of the programs described in reference here. Recently, Zinkevich, Bowling and Burch verified that if Smallbot2298 had competed in the 2006 AAAI Computer Poker Competition, it would have won.

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  • Mike Johanson, "Robust Strategies and Counter-Strategies: Building a Champion Level Computer Poker Player", 2007 (download).
  • Martin Zinkevich, Michael Bowling, and Neil Burch. A new algorithm for generating strong strategies in massive zero-sum games. In Proceedings of the Twenty-Second Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-07), 2007 (download).