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Stack-to-Pot-Patio (SPR) is the effective stack sizes divided by the size of the pot on the flop. SPR is the measurement of risk over reward. SPR is calculated on the flop only. SPR can be used to guide the necessary hand-strength to go all-in with/call an all-in bet.

Pref-flop, you should be looking for low-SPRs with high-strength hands and high-SPRs with more speculative hands (e.g. low suited connectors).


SPR and Flop Hand Strength

Low SPR = 0-6

Hands to play: Overpairs, top-pair, bottom two-pair.

Medium SPR = 7-16

Hands to play: Top two pair, Sets, Strong draws, Straights and Flushes

High SPR = 17+

Hands to play: Sets, Strong draws, High straights and flushes


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