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Poki is the successor of Loki, a program designed to play full-ring limit Texas Hold'em. It has been a consistent winner against human competition in play money games on both the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) poker channel and on the University of Alberta Poker Research Group's own poker server. In full-ring games, Poki is believed to play at an intermediate level of playing strength.

However, in games with few opponents, Poki's playing strength decreases. Poki's main problem is that it cannot adapt its strategy fast enough to exploit its opponents or prevent its own exploitation. As the number of opponents in a game decreases, the success rate of "tricky" plays (like bluffs) increases. This allows stronger opponents the opportunity to change their strategy to exploit their weaker and slower-adapting opponents. As a result, even though Poki is an intermediate player in full-ring games, it plays heads-up Texas Hold'em weakly.

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