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Pokerbot lab (or just pokerlab/lab) is a place where several people get together with the goal to develop together a pokerbot. In 2005 Ray Bornert started the "Lab" idea in WinHoldEm forums. There were more than ten labs created, and these labs existed happily and there was heavy bot development going on. Unfortunately in 90% of the labs, 90% of the time was spent in trying to compile the stuff together or searching for a particular member that suddenly dissapeared leaving only crashing dlls behind. At some point the owner of WinHoldEm decided that Labs need to move out, and all backstage stuff needed to leave or get out of the shadows. All WinHoldem pokerbot labs then moved out, disassembled or organized in their own private environment. From them, the only one that remained active in the public space is LabOne.

TheNuts is another example of a pokerbot lab whose announcement of inception was circulating on the internet for a long time in various forums.

Current and Former Labs

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