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Pokerbots on MSNBC
Pokerbots on MSNBC

Pokerbot is a computer program that plays poker. Pokerbot is the most frequently used short name for online poker robot. It can refer to the engine (or "brain") that computes the play, given the game information (hole cards, board, players info, etc.); or it can refer to a software as a whole that is able to play poker at online sites just as a human is.

While it is often disputed if developing and using pokerbots is legal and moral, the rational conclusion (see definition of cheating in poker) is that developing and using pokerbots is legal and moral, to the extend online poker in general is.

Elements of a pokerbot

There are several major aspects in building a pokerbot. There is no universal design for how a pokerbot should look like, however most of the pokerbots consider the following elements:

Popular frameworks

Popular frameworks for developing pokerbots are:

Popular bots

See alphabetical list of all known pokerbots or their creators. Some of the popular pokerbots are:

See also

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