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Poker Academy
Poker Academy

Poker Academy is a commercial poker training program produced by BioTools Inc. Poker Academy includes two strong pokerbots, Sparbot and Vexbot, that were originally developed by the University of Alberta Computer Poker Research Group, and have been licensed to BioTools for use in Poker Academy. As this is a standard program that can be bought and used by anyone, Sparbot and Vexbot are common benchmarks for researchers, who can develop and test their own pokerbots based on the Meerkat API.

While without doubt Poker Academy is excellent software for education of new poker players, and a must have tool for any bot developer, there are non-proved and non-conclusive concerns that having a successful pokerbot against Poker Academy bots is not a reliable indication of how successful your bots can be on a real money table in today's online poker casinos.

Poker Academy
Poker Academy


Poker Academy developers

Artificial intelligence

Poker Academy bots

Flockbot and Chumpbot are very simple Poker Academy bots which source code is publicly available.

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