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Remember Coach Small Purses that time, I went to interview a foreign personnel assistant. Interview process is very pleasant, the manager also admire me, but then he did not admit me. I was feeling very strange, because I wear is wear Coach Shoulder Bags that day, but also very decent conversation, the interview process is also very good, but why I have not been taking it? So, I called to ask go to that company, the personnel manager told me very politely: "You experience good, very good at people Jiewu, however, foreign companies pay more attention to our image." I was very puzzled, I have a good day's clothing, ah, is the makeup of the image should be no problem ah. Later, in my repeated questioning, the personnel manager who told me, "do not deserve your shoes and clothes, although your clothes, no makeup, but you use the wrong shoes to wear with, this is a can not ignore the error. "Although he did not admit me, but I am still very grateful to him, he let me know the role of the Coach Business Bags shoes can not be ignored. At least, in every interview and later date, I have no Coach Crossbody Bags shoes and clothes do not take as out embarrassing. If he did not tell me, may I now will wear Coach Large Purses with the shoes to match. A position for a knowledge, I think it is worth it.

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