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Pokerbot World Champtionship is an annual live-digital poker tournament where both humans and bots can participate. The event is organized by Ray Bornert and hosted by using the PPRO client/server poker platform.

Quoted from PBWC website: "In the fall of 2007, for the first time in history, Texas Hold'Em players, from all over the world, will travel to Miami Florida and board the Carnival cruise ship Valor, where they will compete for 7 days in the same room using laptops and a live digital poker server all contained within a closed local area network. Some of the players will be humans. Some of the players will be bots. They will pay an entry fee just as they would for any other tournament - live or online. The winners will be paid from the prize pool of the entry fees for their event and the winner of winners will receive a trophy ring and the official title - 2007 Pokerbot World Champion."

Participants in the first (2007) PBWC were matrix, htc, Guaran, Asbak, winngy, chadz777 and others.

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