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Buy new Chanel Shopping Bags shoes, always wear foot wear, even hundreds of brand-name a thousand times too, so it is Chanel Handbags painful ah! This Lilansuoer teach you a few tips to help relieve foot wear new Chanel Handbags Sale shoes, flip distress most likely to wear new shoes to the foot of the two places, one heel, one toe outside. Grinding with a wet towel to cover parts of Coach Sneakers shoes a few minutes, and then let the block dry soft towel wrap the feet of the place, struck with a hammer several times, where the tap shoes foot wear flat shoes and leather becomes soft and smooth they will not wear feet. Take newspaper and pinch into a ball, moistened with water, not too wet, but to the whole group are away from water, and then let dry paper wrapped around the wet sheets of newspaper stuffed in the feet of the site, and then sealed in shoes a plastic bag, overnight, on it. If new shoes are too small pinch, might cover with a wet towel wet, and then stretch wedge Coach Universal Case shoes, wear them on the smooth feet. Or with the kind of home hair dryer, toe into it, where, a few minutes with hot air blowing a little, then a relatively soft cloth, forced to go into the plugged, stays a few minutes or even longer, after the shoe on the foot again,will feel loose a lot of Oh! Good results

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