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Douglas Hardy
Douglas Hardy

Douglas Hardy is famous with his blog on pokerbots which was active mid of 2006.

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Los Angeles,CA (PRWEB) March 27 2006 - Douglas Hardy has tried them all. Arguably the foremost leader in poker software testing, Mr. Hardy has taken on a personal mission to see if there is a mechanical 'edge' that can be gained using software in the ever popular online poker world. "Online poker has exploded", say's Douglas in his recent blog. He points out the fact that there are literally hundreds of offers of so-called miracle products that guarantee consistent wins at the tables. He goes on to explain how the apperance of automated Poker bots have changed the online game as we know it. "Poker bots and the like can potentially change an online poker players income dramatically". He has taken to task a few of the most notorious and popular programs that are available on the market today. "Are some people becoming millionaires using pokerbots? who really knows for sure unless someone gives it an honest, unbiased test". Pokerbots are catching on like wild fire, due to the fact they not only run automatically, freeing up a players time, but that they seem to be mathematically perfect. Eliminating bad-beats and reckless emotional play. Anyone who is interested in testing out a poker bot or just want to track Douglas Hardys' findings, visit him at"

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