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Bozobot Logo

Bozobot DLL, developed by Bozo, is commercial product for WinHoldEm/OpenHoldem users who do not know C/C++ but want to do more with their WinHoldEm pokerbot. No C/C++ knowledge is required to use this product. One can simply drop the whuser.dll into his own WinHoldEm directory and can access all the following features:

  • Poker Tracker Data (MS Access): This feature gives you data from your Poker Tracker database. Your database can be saved locally or shared over a network. Currently your PokerTracker database must be in MS Access format.
  • Short Circuiting: This feature gives you the ability to add short circuiting to your bot. You will be able to eliminate unnecessary calculations and greatly increase your bot efficiency.
  • Memory: This feature gives your bot memory. WinHoldEm does not have any form of memory and everything must be calculated on the spot. With this feature you can store any info you want.
  • General Functions: These are general functions that have been added to make life easier.
  • Sounds: This feature gives you the ability to play .wav files. Combined with the short circuiting feature you can play a sound when certain events happen.
  • Wait/Delay: This feature allows you to add delay to your bot's actions. Combined with the short circuiting feature you can make your bot look like it is thinking.
  • DLL Add-on Support: This feature allows you to additionally load a second whuser.dll. This is for users who are just learning how to write their own whuser.dll programs or for users who have access to a second DLL.

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