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The 2007 AAAI computer poker competition consisted of 15 competitors from 7 countries and 43 bots. Matches were played on 32 machines running for a month, playing over 17 million hands of poker. The results were announced at AAAI 2007 on July 24, 2007 in Vancouver BC.

  • Limit Series (Equilibrium) and Limit Bankroll (Online) - 33 bots from 13 competitors, 13.7 million hands played
  • No Limit - 10 bots from 8 competitors, 3.4 million hands played

No-limit results


  1. BluffBot20 (Teppo Salonen)
  2. GS3 (Carnegie Mellon)
  3. Hyperborean07 (U of Alberta)
  4. SlideRule (Kevin Stebbing)
  5. Gomel1 (Igor Korshunov, Gomel State University)
  6. Gomel2
  7. Milano (Milano Polytechnic)
  8. Manitoba1 (University of Manitoba)
  9. PokeMinn (University of Minnesota)
  10. Manitoba2

The ranking is based on instant runoff bankroll.

The most fascinating thing from my perspective would be that more solid players (such as BluffBot20, Hyperborean07, GS3, and SlideRule) are not as effective at achieving as high an overall bankroll as more aggressive bots such as Gomel1 and Gomel2 (note: I am using “solid” to mean less observably exploitable, and “aggressive” to mean winning more against weaker bots). Also, if we had run the “2/3 truncated bankroll” that we have planned for limit, then SlideRule would have won. Of course, such results should be taken with a grain of salt, because neither BluffBot20 nor Hyperborean07 were trying to exploit weak bots, and so it is unfair to judge their performance (or at least the performance of their designers) in that fashion.

In instant runoff bankroll, we look at the total small bets/hand won or lost for each bot amongst all the competitors. The one that lost the most is eliminated and finishes in last place. Then, the averages are recalculated with the last place finisher’s results eliminated. This process is repeated to obtain a winner.

Limit Online Results

Online Limit After Ten Duplicate Matches Although I title these results "preliminary", I do not believe that there will be enough time to actually run more experiments.

At present, the rankings are:

  1. Hyperborean07 Online 2 (University of Alberta)
  2. Hyperborean07 Online 1 (University of Alberta)
  3. GS3 (Carnegie Mellon University)
  4. IanBot, aka InotBot (Author Ian Fellows, UCSD)
  5. Quick (Brad Quick)
  6. Gomel 2 (Igor Korschunov, Gomel State University)
  7. PokeMinn 1 (University of Minnesota)
  8. Sequel 1 (Sequel, Inria Futurs)
  9. Sequel 2 (Sequel, Inria Futurs)
  10. Le Renard (Bruno Lucas)
  11. Dumbo Online 2 (Xavier Bitot)
  12. PokeMinn 2 (University of Minnesota)
  13. Dumbo Online 1 (Xavier Bitot)
  14. Gomel 1 (Igor Korschunov, Gomel State University)
  15. UNCC (University of North Carolina, Charlotte)
  16. Monash-BPP (Monash University)
  17. Milano Online

In order to determine how significant even the top three are, I have to look at which bots were likely to be amongst the top 11. Since the bots between 11th and 14th were very close, this will take some time. Below are the detailed statistics.

Limit Equilibrium Results


  1. Hyperborean07LimitEq1
  2. IanBotLimit1
  3. GS3Limit1
  4. PokeMinnLimit1
  5. QuickLimit1
  6. GomelLimit2
  7. DumboLimitEq1
  8. DumboLimitEq2,SequelLimit1
  9. SequelLimit2
  10. PokeMinnLimit2
  11. UNCCLimit1,GomelLimit1
  12. LeRenardLimit1
  13. MonashBPPLimit1
  14. MilanoLimitEq1

This match was done via instant runoff according to the number of series wins and losses (there were no ties). Bot A wins its series against bot B if for all the hands played between the two bots, bot A had a net win. The bot with the lowest number of wins (0 by MilanoEq) places 16th. Then, wins against the lowest bot are discounted, and the bot with the lowest number of wins amongst the top 15 (0 by Monash) places 15th. Then, the bot with the lowest number of wins amongst the top 14 (1 by Le Renard) places 14th. Then, since UNCC and Gomel1 had 2 wins each amongst the top 13, they tie for 12th. This process is repeated until only Hyperborean07Eq remains.

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