Do you know that?
Written by Indiana   
Wednesday, 07 July 2004
Image... When Party Poker installs the Poker Client on your PC, it also installs a Mouse Tracker, Keyboard Logger, hook to Messenger and screen capturing. Party's llh.dll track also other applications by installing hooks for certain windows API calls, and sends the collected data back to their servers. These are all means to help Party Poker to ensure "fair" play. Bot authors can use software like SnoopFree to block that (although modeling human play is better, usage of SnoopFree or ProcessGuard will raise flags). On the other hand - don't miss the chance to let all of your friends know how party breaks your privacy. I'm thinking soon to release a tool that demonstrates that. "It's not that we do not trust party, party will never abuse users. But with such powerful tracking software, any party employee can abuse the clients without being noticed".
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